Designing A Tech Career Roadmap

Designing A Tech Career Roadmap


According to lucidchart blog, a roadmap in technology is a display, document or diagram that illustrates the technology adoption plan/strategy of a given organization For beginners like me who has little or no knowledge about tech before you venture or think of going into tech there are some to put into consideration.

• What are you good at? What is that thing you flawlessly enjoy doing, some loves to read, some loves to organize, some loves to solve problems etc.

• What motivates you?

• What do you do with your spare time, when there is no assigned work to do?

• What interests you?

Let me take myself as an example, As a child growing up i loved Mathematics, I excelled in it so much even while in the University. It got to a point i started helping course mates solve some statistical problems even my juniors. Unfortunately for me I stopped picking interest when i graduated years ago. Then i ventured into business which exposed me communication and negotiation skills with customers, sales and business development and this birthed the idea of using what I know and what I want to achieve to learn a tech skill and from my experience I choose DATA ANALYSIS.

Try asking yourself these questions based on what you are passionate about and find out because it will serve as a directive or clue to choosing the path you want to take on your tech journey.

Strength and Skills

Understand your strength and skills be it hard [ programming, visual design, technical writing, copywriting, use of document and financial processing software like excel] or soft skills [presentation, negotiation, adaptability and communication skills] to help you design what your roadmap will look like, find out how to go about your skills and broaden your horizon, spice it up and stand out in your own way.


After self evaluating there are steps to follow to guide you through the journey and they are as follows:

• Find out how to go about our skills, explore your interest, research about it.

• Take an intro crash course, this is where you learn the skill, acquire as many knowledge needed.

• Try out side projects, practice, practice and practice.

• Join a community that is into same path as you because there is so much to learn out there.

• Get a mentor, someone you can easily go to to supervise your work and motivate you.

• Then comes your cv/resume, this come after you must have learned, unlearned and relearned, highlight all the skills you have acquired on your resume.

• Work towards getting a certificate, it will boost your chances of getting jobs

• Start applying for jobs ,support roles, freelancing, gigs etc

• Intern very important because it boosts your resume.


Notwithstanding, there are some challenges you my face during this tech journey, truth be told it is not an easy ride and if it is not something you are passionate about you can easily give up. Some of the challenges you may face are:

• Lack of resources

• Fear

• Being consistent

• Few opportunities in your location

• Uncertainty

• Exhausting and annoying Information overload

• Getting the right information

• It can be challenging

• Brain storming

But being persistent, patient, continuous acquiring of knowledge and practicing and understand the higher you go the clearer it becomes. Also be open minded to learning more and to more opportuinities even if it is outside your comfort zones. Do not give up for better and enjoyable days are ahead. Lets hold our hand together as we journey as newbies through this tech journey. We will surely overcome all the hurdles and rewrite our success stories.


Yewande Odumosu and Treford